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Gay Marriage Laws in Wyoming

Gay Marriage Laws in Wyoming

In Wyoming, marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. In fact, Wyoming marriage laws predate the Defense of Marriage Act, which effectively prohibits the legal recognition of the marriage of a same sex couple because of the language contained within it. However, Wyoming marriage laws also allow for the legal recognition of marriages that were performed in another state, regardless of gender. 
As long as a same sex marriage was legally performed in another state, Wyoming marriage laws hold that marriage to be legally valid. While Wyoming marriage laws do not allow for same sex marriages, they will recognize one that legally took place in another state.
In Wyoming, marriage is only legally recognized when it is a union between an opposite sex couple. However, same sex couples are free to go to another state that legally recognizes gay marriage and get married in that state. That couple can then return to Wyoming and have their marriage legally recognized by the state.
In this way, same sex couples can enjoying the benefits of marriage by having their relationship legally recognized in Wyoming. Marriages between same sex couples, can be entitled to all of the rights and benefits associated with all marriages in the state of Wyoming. Marriages and same sex relationships, can enjoy equal rights in Wyoming as long as both were legally performed.
In Wyoming, marriage laws prevent same sex couples from legally recognizing their relationship unless that marriage was legally performed in another state. In addition, Wyoming currently has no laws against discriminating against individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity. However, The Matthew Shepard Act was recently signed into law by the President. The events that led to the Act, took place in Wyoming. Matthew Shepard, who identified himself as gay, was beaten into a coma by two men. He later died as a result of his injury’s. 
Later, it would be revealed that the men searched for a gay man to attack and their crime was said to be a hate crime. Due to the extreme nature of the crime, residents of Wyoming are more aware of the issues that members of the LGBT community are faced with. In fact,many believe that Wyoming may be open to allowing the recognition of same sex relationships because of the discrimination that is associated with forbidding them. 
Like many states, the battle for equal rights continues for the LGBT community in Wyoming. Marriage, or the recognition of a same sex relationship, would be a giant step towards equality.



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