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Gay Marriage Laws in Kansas

Gay Marriage Laws in Kansas


In Kansas, gay marriage is explicitly banned by state laws and no same sex relationship is allowed to be legally recognized. Although Kansas currently has the Defense of Marriage Act as state law, the state also has constitutional amendments banning gay marriage and other same sex relationships in Kansas. Marriage is defined by DOMA as a union between an opposite sex couple. In Kansas, gay marriage is explicitly forbidden by the state’s constitution and by statutes. In fact, the state will not recognize same sex relationships in any way. The Kansas Constitution clearly states that no same sex relationship is to be legally recognized in Kansas. Marriages shall only be recognized if they conform to state laws, which indicate that the union must be between opposite sex individuals. In fact, no same sex relationship is entitled to any legal rights or benefits that are afforded to marriage. In essence, couples in a same sex relationship, are not entitled to any legal rights regarding their relationship. For instance, couples cannot seek to share health insurance or purchase property jointly.

In fact, same sex couples may find that encounter many difficulties simply because they are not legally related to one another. For instance, a partner would be unable to visit their partner in the ICU because they are not related.  In addition, they would be unable to make any health care decisions effecting their partner. This can be one of those most difficult situations. Usually, partners are the ones that are most aware of how their partner feels regarding certain medical situations. I can be heartbreaking when they are unable to make those wishes clear to medical professionals.

Statutes in Kansas dictate that same sex relationships are contrary to public policy. In Kansas, marriages performed in other states, will only be recognized if they conform to Kansas marriage laws. In essence, gay marriages performed legally in other states, will not be recognized in the state of Kansas. Marriages performed in other states will not be entitled to any of the rights and responsibilities associated with marriage, unless that marriage was performed according to the Kansas law. Gay marriage does not appear to be a legally recognized option in Kansas in the immediate future.

In Kansas, gay rights do not appear to be a priority for the state. While many supporters of gay marriage and gay rights, try to enact change, the general population has remained unsupportive. In fact, the laws are clear in opposing gay marriage in Kansas. Gay marriage is not likely to be an option in Kansas any time soon. It takes a long time to have amendment’s overturned by the courts.