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Gay Marriage Laws in Iowa

Gay Marriage Laws in IowaIn Iowa,
gay marriage is legally recognized as of April, 2009. While there are many that
favor the gay marriage pros rather than focusing on the cons, many other states
still fail to legally recognize gay marriage. Iowa is similar to other states
because it had originally adopted DOMA. The Defense of Marriage Act was enacted
to protect the sanctity of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. 

However, the state did vote down a constitutional amendment that would have
banned same sex marriages in the state. In fact, the constitutional Amendment
would have disallowed any legal recognition of same sex relationships. Gay marriage
pros include the legal recognition of relationships and the benefits associated
with marriage.

In Iowa, gay marriage was forbidden from being recognized due to the language
in the Defense of Marriage Act. In fact, many states choose this route because
they only legally recognize marriages between opposite sex couples due to the
nature of the language in DOMA. However, the constitutional amendment that
sought to ban gay marriage was struck down because it violated the
constitutional rights of members of the LGBT community. 

Once marriage was
decided to be a constitutional right, Iowa had to begin to legally recognize
same sex marriage. One gay marriage pro is that it offers an equal opportunity
for all citizens to marry and enjoy the benefits of a legally recognized
marriage. In Iowa, gay marriages allow every individual the right to benefits
that one can only acquire through marriage.

In Iowa, gay marriage was legally recognized for a brief period in 2007.In
fact, several marriage licenses were issued and two same sex weddings took
place. However, a stay was issued and a hold was put on the legal recognition
of same sex marriages. Many individuals were outraged and the event sparked a
debate about gay marriage pros. 

Later, there was a lawsuit that argued that the
ruling violated constitutional rights and the state legally recognized same sex
marriages. In fact, Iowa currently recognizes same sex marriages that were
performed in another state.

In Iowa, it is understood that the state saves millions by allowing gay
marriages. Pro gay marriage advocates believe that the revenue form same sex
marriages will help to balance the states budget. In Iowa, gay marriages are
currently recognized and citizens can enjoy all the rights and responsibilities
associated with marriage.



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