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Chronic Depression, Pain, and Anxiety

Chronic Depression, Pain, and Anxiety

Research had indicated that domestic violence victimsadverse effects of of the abuseStudies on domestic abuseextremely stressful environments in which they must constantly remain alert and aware of their abuser’s mood and behavior. They may constantly remain on edge, awaiting a sudden change in their abuser’s demeanor. Every day, victims of violence and abuse worry about how they will be treated. 

They never know what to expect from their abuser, as one minute the abuser may be loving, and the next minute they may burst into a fit of violence. Remaining in their own home may cause them to fear for their safety and their well being. The uncertainty and the fear that a victim of abuse faces on a regular basis causes them to suffer from constant stress and anxiety. They will be apprehensively awaiting the next episode of cruelty and abuse. Individuals who are living in stressful situations are more likely to experience severe depression. 

Research indicates that depression can result in an increased occurrence of illness and various other harmful psychological disorders. The depression and the anxiety that a domestic violence victim may experience is crippling, and will affect their day to day lives. Until a victim escapes their abusive situation and receives treatment for the psychological disorders that they are experiencing as a result of the abuse, the victim will no longer be themselves and may lose a handle on who they were.



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