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Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage

Marriage is not only a relationship or bond you share with a loved one but a unique contract that must be validated in order to be considered a legal union.

A common law marriage offers a couple of legal recognition of their joining.

Such a label offers the two wedded individuals with certain privileges in accordance with tax law or family law.

As a result of this, the marriage meets the requirements of the common law.

Obtaining a valid marriage license and partaking in a ceremony that is administered by someone who is licensed by the particular state in which the marriage is held is the first consideration of common law marriage.

Each state contains its own rules in regards to marriage; however, common law marriage is essentially uniform. When getting married, make sure there are no legal impediments that would block the marriage.

For example, if one of the individuals were previously married make sure they have valid divorce documents before the wedding.

When obtaining a marriage license the individuals must distribute documents to their local registry or church that signifies appropriate identification.

A marriage license is a form of permit that states in accordance with common law, that the couple is legally allowed to marry.

The regulations necessary to obtain a marriage license will fluctuate based on state, so make sure you acknowledge your specific state’s rules.

Most states will require the marrying individuals to provide proof of citizenship, a driver’s license or a form of photo ID, and documents to provide proof of address.

Some states will require a blood test for the marrying couple and all states will attach fees to the license obtainment process.