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Gay Marriage Laws in Indiana

Gay Marriage Laws in IndianaCurrently,
Indiana prohibits legal recognition for same sex marriage or for any
relationship between same sex couples. In fact, Indiana passed the Defense of
Marriage Act, which bans same sex unions through the use of language, without
explicitly forbidding it. While the state does have a statute that bans Indiana
gay marriages, they do not yet have an amendment in place that bans same sex
marriage. In fact, those supporting gay marriage rights argue that the
amendment will violate their constitutional rights. By attempting to pass the
amendment, the state opens itself to lawsuits that challenge equal rights for the
state’s citizens.

There are many citizens that are supporting gay marriage rights and the
benefits and responsibilities associated with the union. However, there are
also many that still hold onto the definition of marriage that includes
language describing a marriage as a union between a man and a woman. In fact,
the state has tried to put an additional legal ban for gay marriage into place
through a constitutional amendment. 

However, the measure failed to pass and it
cannot be voted on again until 2012. The state does have a statute that forbids
same sex marriage but many argue that it is much easier to overturn a statue
than it is to remove an amendment from the state’s Constitution. Many that are supporting
gay marriage, have fought hard to prevent the passage of the amendment. In
fact, those supporting gay marriage believe that they can have the statute
overturned before the new amendment is in place.

In Indiana, gay rights ideals are involved in a conflict between supporters and
those that oppose equal rights for all. Many citizens are supporting gay
marriage rights and do not want an amendment in place that would forbid same
sex marriage. In Indiana, gay marriage rights are really undecided by the

If the constitutional amendment passes, it will be much more difficult
for the LGBT community to obtain equal rights up to, and including marriage.
However, if the amendment fails to pass, the state may overturn the statute and
open the legal possibility of gay marriage in Indiana. Gay rights may be moving
in the right direct, aiming for equality for all citizens, regardless of sexual
orientation of gender identity. In Indiana, gay marriage is one right that will
move equal rights in the right direction.



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