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Get Your Marriage Certificate Now

After couples have received their marriage license, they can become legally married.

The ceremony must be performed by a person that is legally recognized as having the power to marry couples in that state.

Couples should then be sure that the individual that officiated over the ceremony, takes the necessary steps to file for a marriage certificate.

In fact, the officiating individual is often responsible to file that paperwork with the proper courthouse. Although a marriage license may have been granted from one courthouse, the marriage may have taken place in a different location.

Most states require the marriage certificate to be filed with and obtained from the courthouse that granted the marriage license.

However, couples can usually marry in any town within the state in which their marriage license was granted. In fact, marriage certificates are frequently obtained from a courthouse that is in a different town than where the marriage was performed.

It is perfectly acceptable as long as both locations are in the same legal jurisdiction or state.

While a marriage license gives couples the legal ability to be married, a marriage certificate is utilized as proof that the marriage took place. In fact, marriage certificates list the date, time, location, and names of individuals that got married.

Marriage certificates are utilized as proof of marriage in many instances. For example, couples may require proof of marriage in order to purchase property jointly, open joint bank accounts, or file for joint bankruptcy.

In addition, marriage certificates are utilized as proof that couples are eligible for family benefits such as welfare, tax breaks, and family health benefits.

Like any public record, marriage certificates are available to anyone that requests them.

However, individuals can encounter difficulty in obtaining a marriage certificate if they do not know exactly where the marriage took place, or where the marriage license was granted.

In many cases, the location where the marriage took place, will be different from the location that has a record of the marriage certificate.

Couples should obtain their marriage certificate as soon as possible. Couples often fail to realize how often proof of marriage is required.

Even some life insurance companies require a marriage certificate before they allow entitlement of benefits to spouses. In addition, spouses that wish to legally change their name, are required to utilize a marriage certificate to prove that they are entitled to do so.

In fact, names listed on the marriage licenses and marriage certificates can not be changed once the documents are filed. Therefore, spouses must decide if they are going to change their name before they actually get married.

Marriage certificates are often utilized as proof of entitlement to the many rights and responsibilities that are unique to the marriage contract.