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Gay Marriage Laws in Tennessee

Gay Marriage Laws in Tennessee

Tennessee, gay marriage is not currently legal. According to state laws in Tennessee,
marriage consists of a union of one man and one woman. In fact, Article XI
states that “any law, policy or judicial interpretation,” of marriage
as anything other than a legal contract to join one man and one woman, is
contrary to public policy and should void and therefore, not legally
recognized. In addition, the state does not recognize legal same sex marriages
performed in another state. In Tennessee, marriage is strictly defined by state
laws and the state’s constitution.

In Tennessee, gay marriage is also forbidden by Title 36, which says that
family is essential to society and that any other definition of marriage puts
society at risk. In fact, Tennessee law states that marriage is unique in its
rights and responsibilities and any alteration of the definition is detrimental
to society. In essence, families are run by one man and one woman and any
variation of that, will pose a danger to the natural order of society. The
union of one man and one woman, is the only acceptable definition of marriage
in Tennessee.  

Gay marriage in explicitly forbidden in several aspects of
the laws in Tennessee. Marriage of same sex individuals is contrary to the
public policy of Tennessee. In addition, lawmakers believe that marriage is the
link that holds families together in Tennessee. Gay couples are explicitly
forbidden form enjoying any of the rights or benefits of marriage.

Tennessee is
one of a few states to include such strong language in their laws relating to
marriage. In fact, their laws contain language that question the morality of being
a part of a same sex couple. The laws state that opposite sex couples add to
the bond in society in Tennessee. Marriage is claimed to be the bond that holds
families together.

The laws in Tennessee are currently prohibitive to the legal recognition of
same sex couples. However, the Federal government is likely to address the
issue in the immediate future. For the most part, the argument is that most
people believe that marriage, or the legal recognition of a same sex
relationship, is an equal right. 

In essence, many people believe that same sex
couples are entitled to the same rights as opposite sex couples. In Tennessee,
gay rights are clearly violated not only by the laws, but by the language of
the laws. Laws and their language must be addressed in Tennessee. Marriage must
be available to all individuals in order to ensure equal rights.