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Gay Marriage Laws in Arizona

Gay Marriage Laws in ArizonaWhile many people have arguments
against gay marriage , the residents of Arizona disagreed with many of those
arguments. Arizona Proposition 107 was supported and proposed by those that
have staunch arguments against gay marriage.  

However, the proposition did
not pass when it was proposed in 2006. If it had passed, the proposition would
have banned gay marriage in Arizona. As it stands now, Arizona does not
officially recognize same sex marriages in their state or those performed

In addition, Arizona still defines marriage as a union between a man
and a woman. However, in 2006, Arizona was the first state that voted down a
proposition that banned gay marriage. In all other cases, similar propositions
have been passed in other states. In 2008, Arizona did pass Proposition
102,  which stated that only a union between a man and a woman would be
recognized in that state.

The gay marriage debate in Arizona rages on. However, the  The Arizona
Together Coalition successfully prevented Proposition 107 from becoming legal.
The voters in Arizona voted against the ballot initiative. 

The initiative would
have banned gay marriage and all benefits associated with marriage. The gay
marriage debate in Arizona is far from over. While it was a positive step that
voters did not approve of Arizona Proposition 107, Arizona still does not
legally allow or recognize gay marriage. 

There are still many with arguments
against gay marriage. Many people believe that it should be called a civil
union or domestic partnership in order to avoid its association with marriage,
which many still clearly define as a union between a man and a woman. In
addition, there are those that are simply against same sex unions, no matter
what they are called.

While Arizona was quick to dismiss a ban on gay marriage, there are still many arguments
against gay marriage. In Arizona, the residents seem to be on the middle ground
in the gay marriage debate. 

While they refused to ban gay marriage, they have
not legalized it either. The gay marriage debate will never be fully answered
because their will always be people that have strong arguments against gay

However, there will always be those that are supportive of gay
marriage and the rights and benefits associated with it. Maybe the rest of the
country can at least strive for the middle ground found in Arizona. It is a
step in the right direction in the gay marriage debate.