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Family Abuse

Family Abuse

Staticallyspousal abuse, intimate partner abuse, and child abuse. Victims of family abuse may be children, husbands, wives, parents, or grandparents. Likewise, the perpetrator may be a brother, a sister, a parent, or an intimate partner. In many cases, victims of family abuse will not be biologically related to their abuser. A stepmother or a stepfather may subject their step child to various forms of abuse. Men, women, and children are all at risk for family abuse.

Abuse in families is not acceptable for any reason, and it is illegal for an individual to subject a family member to abuse. However, this type of abuse continues to be extremely widespread throughout the country. Abuse in families occurs in various different forms. An individual who is suffering from family abuse may be the victim of physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, or economic abuse. 


Abuse in families often includes the use of threats and intimidation, physical violence, and verbal defamation. A family member, often the father or husband, but occasionally the mother or wife, may choose to withhold access to finances from one family member. The perpetrator may deny the victim access to money, credit cards, and basic necessities. In other instances, an abuser may seek to establish and maintain control by instilling fear through the use of physical abuse. This may include behavior such as pushing, slapping, or burning. In may cases, an individual who is responsible for subjecting a family member to physical abuse or economic abuse