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Marriage Certificate Maryland

Marriage Certificate Maryland


Getting That Marriage Certificate in Maryland



For many marriages, this is a basic fact: the idea of a marriage certificate in MD is somewhat of a “bad word.”



Why? Because it’s such a hassle to get a marriage certificate in MD. At least many people think so. This is true anywhere, not just in Maryland. I tell you, though, the main reason why everyone thinks it’s so difficult to file for a marriage certificate in Maryland is because not everyone is informed enough of the process.



This Is What You Need to Know About Filing for a Marriage Certificate in Maryland



The steps to obtaining a marriage certificate in MD are as follows:



1. Visit the Maryland County Courthouse


2. Apply for the Certificate in Person


3. Present Proof of Age and Identity


4. Fill Out the Application in Its Entirety


5. Pay the License Fee



It’s understandable, though, this feeling of loss and confusion. After all, you’re signing your life into complete and total committal to a marriage, so the last thing you want to think of is paperwork for filing for a marriage certificate in MD.



Just think of it this way: once you’ve got the steps, all you need to do is make them. Then getting marriage certificates in Maryland wouldn’t be that big a deal.



Starting With the First Step….



By law, you have to show up at that courthouse in person to get the marriage certificate in Maryland. Or else the marriage certificate in MD wouldn’t be valid. You can’t have someone else do it for you. You can’t do marriage certificates in Maryland online.



That’s necessarily not a big deal, though, if you simply know where the courthouse is and find the time to visit it. Do the research on marriage certificates in Maryland. Learn where your county courthouse is. And then prepare for the big day (obtaining the marriage certificate in Maryland, that is!).



Your Age and Identity Matters for Marriage Certificates in Maryland



The courthouse has to know it’s really you. So make sure you have appropriate ID. Some examples would be:



1. A Driver’s License


2. A Military Identification Card


3. A State ID


4. Birth Certificates



Some counties do vary on what counts as valid ID, so do the appropriate research. Either way, this ensures that the right people are filing for those marriage certificates in Maryland.



Every Piece of Information….



It’s all necessary in that application. Don’t miss a beat, especially when considering a marriage. Some of the pieces of information you’ll need include:



1. Social Security Numbers


2. Addresses


3. Telephone Numbers


4. Father’s Full Name


5. Mother’s Full Name


6. State of Birth for Both Applicants



As Much as We Don’t Like It….



You’ve got to pay a fee. It can vary from county to county; but no matter what, some money’s going to come out of your pocket to legitimize the rest of your married life. Keep in mind, though, that when you pay that fee and the certificates in your hand, you actually have to wait 48 hours before it can be effective.



So, in other words, be sure you actually get married two days after applying for the certificate.



Getting That Certificate Is Actually Easy



All it takes are these steps. Follow them to a tee. And pretty soon you’ll be saying “I do” on that altar with pride.