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Beware of Domestic Violence Repeat Offenders

Beware of Domestic Violence Repeat Offenders

In many cases, victims of intimate partner violence try to convince themselves that the domestic violence that they have experienced was a one time event, and that their partner will not subject them to physical violence again. However, research indicates that physical violence, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and economic abuse are repetitive patterns. 

In many cases, an individual who is responsible for subjecting their spouse to intimate partner violence is a repeat offender. Abusers are often people who have low self esteem and are insecure. They resort to physical violence as a method of establishing control and power in a relationship. Most victims of intimate partner violence will be subjected to more than one instance of abuse by the same partner. It is very common for a batterer to subject their partner to physical violence even after the perpetrator has received treatment or counseling.

Physical violence is a strategy that  is utilized  by controlling and manipulative individual in order to maintain authority. It is often behavior that an individual learns during childhood, or it may be the result of psychological disorders and mental illness. A child who witnesses or who is subjected to domestic violence is more likely to expose their children or spouses to abuse in the future. This is especially true when a child does no witness the abuser receives any negative repercussions for their actions. 

This behavior becomes heavily imprinted in the psyche of a child. Therefore, this behavior is not easily controlled or terminated. Studies have estimated that a little under half of the individuals who were responsible for subjecting their spouse to intimate partner violence will resort to physical violence again within three years of the initial report of abuse. The majority of these relapses occur within six months of the initial incident. Victims who sustain severe physical injuries are most commonly subjected to physical violence by a repeat offender. Studies have found that over half of the individual who were arrested for intimate partner violence are rearrested for abuse within two years of the initial arrest. 

Some perpetrators even utilize violence and abuse between the time that they are arrested and their designated court date. Offenders not only use violence repeatedly, but also employ various other control tactics. Individuals who are responsible for domestic violence will use psychological abuse to maintain authority in their relationship. Research has found that these individuals will constantly threaten, humiliate, and belittle their victim. Data reveals that domestic violence is rarely a one time occurrence. Therefore, it is important for victims of intimate partner abuse to seek assistance for the abuse that they are experiencing.