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Annulment of Marriage in Ohio

Annulment of Marriage in Ohio


Code and Procedure for Ohio Annulments 


Annulments of Marriages in Ohio


If either spouse is seeking an annulment of marriage in Ohio—or the parent of the spouse—any action must be commenced in two years.  Code 3105.32 specifies how the two year windows are determine in certain cases.  If were 16 when you enter into the invalid marriage, the annulment of marriage in Ohio must be completed before you’re 18 years old.  


In this article, you will find information concerning grounds for annulments of marriage in Ohio and general information about the annulment process.  For more information, regard recommended articles on this website or talk with a family law attorney.  


Grounds for Annulments in Ohio


The following list contains each ground for an annulment of marriage in Ohio according to code 3105.31 Causes for annulment under the Revised Ohio Statutes: 


1. The party seeking annulment was under the age of 18 and failed to receive proper consent from a qualified authority as listed in code 3101.01 Persons who may be joined in marriage—minor to obtain consent.


2. Either spouse was married to a living party during the time of the second marriage. 


3. Either spouse was judged as mentally incompetent during the marriage, unless they restored competency during the marriage. 


4. The marriage was performed under fraud or the party understands there was fraud after cohabitating.  


5. The consent of the marriage was obtained by force. 


6. The marriage was never consummated when otherwise valid.  


Steps for Annulments of Marriages in Ohio


In order to legally undergo an annulment of marriage in Ohio, the party seeking the annulment must first qualify in one of the factors listed above.  If you have children and property that needs divided, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney when seeking an annulment of marriage in Ohio.  Follow these steps closely:  


1. Fill out court forms and : you’ll have to fill out several different forms depending on the grounds of your annulment of marriage in Ohio, and you’ll have to file a petition with the county clerk as well.  


2. File the forms with the county clerk: you will have to pay filing fees for every form you submit, and you will have to fill out even more forms if you want to establish temporary forms for child support, spousal support, or other issues within annulments of marriages in Ohio.   


3. Serve the forms to the other party: you can have the court send the documents to the second party, you can mail the forms yourself, or you can have an outside party hand over the forms.   


4. Set up a court hearing: annulments of marriages in Ohio must have supporting factors hold up in court, and you should hire a lawyer to help you prepare for the trial.