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Don’t Learn Low Self Esteem!

Don't Learn Low Self Esteem!

Low self-esteem is often cited as a major causespousal abuselearned behaviorindicator of potential
domestic behavior
. Often, low
self-esteem will stem from insecurities related to the individuals physical
appearance. They may often maintain the mentality that they are unworthy or
undeserving. Therefore, an individual who is experiencing self doubt may resort
to spousal abuse in order to help guarantee that they will not lose their
partner. Often, these individuals are extremely paranoid and convince
themselves that their partner is unfaithful. In many instances, abuse in
families occurs because an individual fears loosing their partner to someone
else. Therefore, the perpetrator will brutalize their partner in order to
instill fear in them. They will try to convince their spouse that attempting to
leave will be detrimental to their health and safety. In most cases, abuse in
families includes severe isolation. An abuser will forbid their victim from
communicating with their family and their friends. They may prohibit their
partner from attending social events because they fear that the victim will be
happier spending time with someone else, or because they are afraid that
maintaining a support system will provide the victim with opportunities to
leave. In many cases of spousal abuse, the perpetrator will prevent their
victim from working or from receiving a further education, because the abuser
is often paranoid that if their victim maintains financial independence, then
they will have the ability to leave the abuser. Abuse in families is generally
committed by an individual who has no confidence in their value or their
abilities. It is an act of cowardice. No matter what the cause, abuse in
families is unacceptable, and an individual who is suffering from domestic
violence should seek help.