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Marriage Certificate Puerto Rico

Symbol of Unity: The Importance of Marriage Certificates in Puerto Rico

In the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico, where the rhythm of the waves meets the beat of vibrant culture, countless couples embark on the journey of marriage. At the heart of this union lies the marriage certificate‚ÄĒa legal document that not only formalizes the commitment between two individuals but also holds profound significance for various legal processes and personal records. This article aims to explore the marriage certificate in Puerto Rico, providing insight into its importance, the process of obtaining one, and the valuable information it contains.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate in Puerto Rico:

1. Marriage Registration:
– In Puerto Rico, the process of obtaining a marriage certificate begins with the registration of the marriage. Couples typically submit the necessary documentation to the Demographic Registry Office (Registro Demogr√°fico) within the Department of Health.

2. Required Documentation:
– The documentation required for marriage registration may include valid identification, the marriage license obtained prior to the ceremony, and any other documents specified by the registry office.

3. Marriage Ceremony:
– Following the registration and approval of the required documents, the marriage ceremony takes place. An authorized officiant conducts the ceremony, and witnesses sign the marriage license to validate the union.

4. Issuance of Marriage Certificate:
– Once the marriage ceremony is completed, the Demographic Registry Office issues the official marriage certificate. This document serves as a legal record of the marriage.

Legal Significance of Marriage Certificates:

1. Proof of Marriage:
– A marriage certificate is the primary legal proof of a marital union. It is recognized by government agencies, financial institutions, and other entities as evidence of the couple’s legal status.

2. Name Change:
– For individuals opting to change their last names after marriage, the marriage certificate is a crucial document. It provides the legal basis for updating identification, such as driver’s licenses and Social Security records.

3. Spousal Benefits:
– A copy of the marriage certificate may be required when applying for spousal benefits, insurance coverage, and other financial and legal benefits associated with marital status.

4. Immigration Purposes:
– In cases involving international marriages, the marriage certificate is often required for immigration purposes and can play a vital role in establishing the validity of the union.

5. Divorce Proceedings:
– In the unfortunate event of a divorce, the marriage certificate becomes a key document used in legal proceedings to establish the existence and details of the marriage.

Information Contained in a Marriage Certificate:

1. Full Names:
– The full names of both individuals involved in the marriage are recorded on the certificate.

2. Date and Location:
– Essential details, such as the date and location of the marriage ceremony, including the city or municipality, are documented.

3. Officiant’s Information:
– The name and title of the officiant who performed the marriage ceremony are often included.

4. Witnesses:
– The names of individuals who served as witnesses to the marriage may be documented.

5. License Number:
– The marriage license number assigned to the couple when they applied for the license is typically included.

Preserving Your Marriage Certificate:

1. Secure Multiple Copies:
– It’s advisable to secure multiple copies of your marriage certificate at the time of issuance to avoid additional trips or requests later on.

2. Safekeeping:
– Store your marriage certificate in a safe and secure location, such as a personal safe or a safety deposit box, to prevent loss or damage.

3. Digital Copy:
– Consider creating a digital copy of your marriage certificate and storing it securely in electronic format for easy access and backup.


A marriage certificate in Puerto Rico is more than a legal document; it is a tangible symbol of commitment and unity. Whether for legal necessities, name changes, or as a cherished keepsake, securing and preserving this document is a crucial step for couples embarking on the journey of matrimony in this enchanting Caribbean territory. Understanding the process of obtaining a marriage certificate and recognizing its legal and personal significance ensures that couples can navigate the post-marital landscape with confidence and ease in this vibrant cultural haven.


Getting a Marriage Certificate in Puerto Rico

In order to obtain a marriage certificate in PR, you will have to go through a specific legal process. ¬†This guide will help you understand how to get a marriage certificate in Puerto Rico whether you’ve just gotten married or are seeking out a duplicate certificate for research or your own records. ¬†While this guide is a basic overview, those seeking more information about how to obtain a marriage certificate in PR may want to contact the territory’s Department of Health.

Applying for an Initial Marriage Certificate in Puerto Rico

When you initially apply to be married in Puerto Rico, you will need to show several things. ¬†First of all, you will need a copy of your results from a blood test conducted within 10 days of applying for your marriage certificate in PR. ¬†These blood tests must include a test for syphillis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. ¬†If you test positive for one of these diseases, you will need to show that you are under a doctor’s care and treatment.

Additionally, you will need to bring positive photo identification to apply for your initial marriage certificate in Puerto Rico.  This photo identification must also show that you are over the age of consent.  You must also not be married to anyone else, and must include the date of any divorces on your marriage license application.

Getting a Duplicate Marriage Certificate in Puerto Rico

If you need to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate in PR for your own records or to show to a government agency or employer, you have several options.  You may be able to obtain your marriage certificate in Puerto Rico by telephoning, faxing, or appearing in person at the office of the Local Registrar in the municipality where you were originally married.

As long as the marriage you are looking for documentation of occurred after 1931, you can also find the marriage certificate in PR by requesting it from the Department of Health.  You may contact the Department of Health for information about ordering a marriage certificate in Puerto Rico by calling (787) 767-9120.  You can also write to the demographic registry with a request form for a marriage certificate in PR.  Currently, obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate in Puerto Rico costs $5 for your first copy and $4 for each additional copy in the same order.

In order to obtain a marriage certificate in PR, you will have to show that you have some legal reason to obtain the record.  You may be able to obtain a marriage certificate in Puerto Rico if you are a family member of either party, or if you can show a bona file personal or property right to the certificate.

Marriage Certificates From Before 1931

All marriages from before 1931 will not have their records kept by the territorial Department of Health. ¬†Instead, you will have to search for this type of marriage certificate in PR by going to the local registrar’s office. ¬†In some cases, these marriage records may be spotty, but usually you can obtain a marriage certificate in Puerto Rico even for marriages dating to the late 19th century.