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Marriage Certificate North Carolina



How to Obtain Marriage Certificates in NC



Marriage Certificates (North Carolina)



If you want to obtain a marriage certificate (North Carolina), you’ll have to follow specific steps before the state finalizes the marriage.  This article will cover the majority of the steps, and for more questions, you should contact your county clerk.  You can find contact information for all counties at the following link



Step 1: Meet Eligibility Requirements in NC



Before receiving marriage certificates (North Carolina), two spouses of opposite sex must have a clerk approve the marriage in the first place. If two people meet any of the factors below, a clerk will not approve the marriage certificate (North Carolina) 



1. the marriage was between two people closer in relation that first cousins or double first cousins 



2. either spouse was under the age of 16 during the marriage (except in limited circumstances)



3. either spouse had another husband or wife during the second marriage



4. either spouse was physically impotent 



5. either spouse was mentally incompetent during the marriage



Step 2: Bring all necessary items to the local court



In order for a clerk to approve marriage certificates (North Carolina), two future spouses must submit all proper documentation and fees.  The following items will help the two people receive a marriage certificate in North Carolina: 



Identification: NC law requires you to bring your driver’s license, birth certificate, U.S. passport, military ID car, or your Social Security number.  You won’t have to bring all these items, but you will need at least one so the clerk can verify your identity and approve the marriage certificate (North Carolina).



Divorce Decree: If you were in another marriage and went through a divorce, you’ll need to bring a copy of the divorce decree with you to the county clerk.  The same rules apply for obtaining marriage certificates (North Carolina) if you are a widow.  



Necessary Fees: The first marriage certificate (North Carolina) will usually cost $26 and any additional copies will cost $15, but fees may range from county to county.  If you need copies of marriage certificates (North Carolina), you can submit an application to Vital Records.  You may even be able to waive the fee if you received premarital counseling from a qualified professional.  



Step 3: Legally Solemnize the Marriage



Marriage certificates in North Carolina can only be signed by the officiator if they qualify according to Chapter 51-1 of the NC Statutes: 



• In the presence of an ordained minister of any religious denomination or a magistrate



• With the consequent declaration by the minister or magistrate that the parties are husband and wife



• Federally or State recognized Indian Nation or Tribe



If the marriage was solemnized by any qualified persons above, the officiator will sign the marriage certificate (North Carolina), and the spouses will have to return the document to the county for verification.