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Procedures for a Marriage Certificate in Georgia



Marriage Certificates: Georgia



In order to receive a marriage certificate in Georgia, two people will have to meet a variety of qualifications, go through a number of steps to obtain and return the document, and make sure a marriage is rightfully approved by a judge.  You’ll find all necessary information about a marriage certificate in Georgia in this article.  



Qualifying Factors for Marriage Certificates in Georgia



In order for a marriage to hold validity under state law and receive a marriage certificate in Georgia, the marriage cannot be listed under any of the following violations:  



• a parent has married a child, a parent has married a stepchild, a grandparent has married a grandchild, or an aunt or uncle has married their nephew or niece 



• either party did not have mental capacity during the contract 



• either party was under 16 when they entered the marriage 



• either party was forced into the marriage 



• either party entered into the contract using fraud 



• there was bigamy 



There are a number of steps you’ll have to take after you meet qualifying factors for marriage certificates in Georgia.  These steps are listed below:



Step 1: Contact the Probate Court



In order to receive marriage certificates in Georgia, couples must contact the county clerk and travel to the office with a valid government forms of identification, their birth certificates, and the correct amount of funds for associated fees that will range from county to county in Georgia—unless the couple has completed premarital education.  



Step 4: Make sure the marriage is rightfully approved by a judge



If you receive a marriage certificate illegally by someone unlawfully officiating the ceremony, the parties and the officiator may face criminal charges.  According to Section 19-3-48 of the official code, penalties for approving marriage certificates in Georgia that would otherwise be invalid is punishable of a misdemeanor.  



Step 5: Return the Authorized Marriage Certificate in Georgia to your Probate Court



The person who solemnized the marriage will record their name on marriage certificates in Georgia, and the clerk will record that the marriage was performed abiding to state law.  After the marriage certificate in Georgia is signed you will have to return the form to the court you received the document from.  



If you are a state citizen, marriage certificates in Georgia are obtained from the county you live in or any other county in the state.  If you are not a state citizen, you obtain the document from the county you wish to get married in.