Marriage Certificate Kentucky

Marriage Certificate Kentucky

Marriage Certificate Kentucky


Guide to Getting a Marriage Certificate in Kentucky


If you need a marriage certificate in KY, whether you recently married or are looking for records for research or investigation, the process for obtaining one is relatively simple.  You can get a marriage certificate in Kentucky from either a county courthouse or the state.  This guide will teach you how to obtain a marriage certificate in KY and who is eligible to get marriage certificates.  You'll also learn about the costs of obtaining a certified marriage certificate in Kentucky.


Who May Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Kentucky?


While it may seem like someone's marriage certificate in KY is a highly personal document, in truth, they are considered public records at the state level and are therefore available to any interested member of the public.  The Open Records Act allows citizens to request copies of any marriage certificate in Kentucky.  


Many people have a reason to need a copy of a marriage certificate in KY that is not their own.  For instance, people interested in geneological research, or spouses researching a current spouse's previous marriage may want to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate in Kentucky to confirm information.  You will not be asked for your reasons when you request a marriage certificate in KY.  Instead, you will simply be required to provide the names of both parties and the approximate date when the marriage occurred. 


Marriage Certificates for Married Couples


There are several reasons that a married couple may want an extra copy of their marriage certificate in Kentucky.  If a spouse is changing his or her last name on his or her Social Security documentation, he or she must submit an official certified copy of his or her marriage certificate in KY to the Social Security office.  You may also need a copy of your marriage certificate in Kentucky in order to add a spouse to workplace-offered health insurance for spouses and dependents.


If you still live in the county where you initially obtained your marriage certificate in KY, it is easy to get an additional copy.  The clerk at the county courthouse maintains a copy of every marriage certificate in Kentucky filed at that courthouse.  You may obtain your marriage certificate in KY by visiting the courthouse in person or by using the mail.  To find contact information for your county clerk's office so that you can obtain your marriage certificate in Kentucky, check out this website:


Marriage Certificates for Research


Often, people who are conducting research and need a copy of a marriage certificate in KY live far from the county courthouse where the marriage license was issued.  In this case, it may be easier to obtain the marriage certificate in Kentucky that you are searching for by contacting the state's Office of Vital Records.  For $6, this office will provide you with a copy of any marriage certificate in KY from 1958 or afterward.  In order to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate in Kentucky from prior to 1958, you will need to contact the county clerk's office.




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