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Marriage Certificate Arizona



There are specific guidelines to get a marriage certificate Arizona and as such, the only way to ensure that a marriage is legal and complete is to follow these guidelines accordingly.  There are no common law marriages or alternative ways to be married.  In addition, there is no same sex marriage in Arizona.  Those that are married out of state may have their marriage license recognized in Arizona, though this includes common law marriage, this does not include same sex marriage.  Follow these instructions to get a copy of the marriage certificate AZ.



What are three things that must be present for a marriage to take place and a marriage certificate AZ to be issued?



In order for a marriage to be a valid and legal entity in the state with marriage certificates Arizona, there must be a marriage license granted.  The couple must then be married by a figure authorized to solemnize the marriage.  Any marriage ceremony where the couple is solemnized will need to happen before the marriage license expiries.  There is no way around these provisions and only when the marriage license is signed and solemnized is a couple married.  A marriage license expires one year after it is purchased.



Will Arizona recognize my marriage certificate?



As long as the marriage is legal in the jurisdiction where the marriage certificate originated from and the marriage is not a same sex or bigamous marriage, then it will be recognized.  This includes common law marriages, which would otherwise be against the law in the state.  Note that Arizona may recognize the marriage, but it generally under no obligation to do so.



Is there a community property law applicable to my marriage certificate Arizona?



There is a community property law in Arizona and this means that a spouse can be held potentially accountable for the debts of the other spouse.  For that reason, there should be a plan to manage debts as long as the debt is known to you, in the event of death to the spouse named on the marriage certificates Arizona.



How do I obtain a marriage certificate AZ?



You will be able to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate Arizona by working with either the Clerk of Courts in Maricopa County or the county clerk in the county where the marriage certificate Arizona was issued.  There are costs for each certified copy and you will need to present identification, make the payments in the form of check or money order and present the information on the marriage certificate Arizona as part of the proof of indemnity.



Always contact the county clerk of courts before filing any documents to receive a copy of the marriage certificate Arizona.  In some areas, such as Phoenix, Mesa and Surprise, there are customer service centers that will help you order marriage certificate Arizona and other records.  Here you will present the identification necessary and receive assistance in filing the forms and other requests to receive a copy of the marriage certificate AZ.



Who may order a copy of the marriage certificate AZ?



Marriage certificates Arizona can only be ordered by the persons named on the document or close relatives, such as children.  Every marriage certificate in AZ is protected by privacy laws, though these marriage certificates Arizona become public record sometime after the death of both spouses.  You will need to check with the state archives if you are looking for a copy of marriage certificate AZ prior to a certain date and some period of time after the death of both persons named on the copy of the marriage certificate AZ.  Anyone is allowed access to these public records that include old copies of marriage certificates Arizona unlike the limitations on current marriage certificates Arizona.  Therefore, those conducting genealogical research will be able to determine the documents and information necessary, gleaned from these marriage certificates Arizona.