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Get a Marriage License Online

Get a Marriage License Online

Each state has different marriage license requirements. Some states legally allow couples to get a marriage license online. However, the process is still very similar to the one that is required for couples that apply for their marriage license in person. 

In general, couples apply for  marriage license online when they are getting married at a location that is not nearby to where they live. For example, couples that wish to get married in Hawaii, but do not plan to be there until they get married, are legally allowed to request a marriage license online. However, couples cannot request a marriage license through the mail in accordance with Hawaii’s marriage laws. Each state has specific marriage license requirements. However, many do offer couples the opportunity to get their marriage license online.

States that offer a marriage license online, are generally going to have the same requirements as states that offer them in person. In fact, couples will still be expected to provide the necessary proof such as birth certificates or passports. In addition, states are likely to require couples to send original documents rather than copies.

For example, states will want to see a birth certificate with a raised state seal to avoid couples utilizing fake documents. In fact, some states have such high levels of fraud, that is difficult for individuals to obtain original copies without other proof of who they are. For example, some counties in New Jersey, have required that people turn in old birth certificates and be issues new ones due to the circulation of fake birth certificates.

Couples should be sure that they allow themselves ample time for all required tasks, as they often encounter unforeseen circumstance when trying to meet marriage license requirements. However, couples can acquire the necessary paperwork and mail it as proof of fact to the courthouse that will be issuing their marriage license online.  

Couples may be nervous about the prospect of mailing such documentation to prove facts found in their online marriage license application. That is just one reason why it is better for couples to apply in person if at all possible. In addition, the couple may encounter complications, such as non acceptable documentation. These difficulties can cause a delay in the couple obtaining their marriage license.

Marriage license requirements are pretty standard from state to state. In fact, states that allow couples to apply for their license online, are likely to require the same documentation as states that only issue licenses in person. However, couples should be sure that they are clear on all requirements as to avoid any delay in obtaining their marriage license online. 

In fact, couples often have a short time frame to apply for their marriage license, as licenses often expire rather quickly. Due to the importance of a marriage license, couples should become knowledgeable and allow enough time for the proper processing of all documentation.