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Why Do Couples Stress Out About Marriage Venues?

Why Do Couples Stress Out About Marriage Venues?

When couples are choosing between wedding venues, their are many factors to consider. Couples must first decide what type of wedding they would like to have. If they have selected a religious ceremony, they are likely to select a  house of worship as their wedding venue. In other cases, couples may choose a location outdoors or an event center as their wedding venue. In addition to those decisions, couples must decide how much they want to spend on their wedding venue, as costs can vary widely from location to location. 
Added to the cost of the ceremony, is the selection of a place to hold their reception. If couples have selected an outdoor location or event center as their wedding venue, they may choose to have their reception at the same location. Many times, combining the wedding venue with the reception location, can save the couple time and money. In addition, it is often more convenient for guests. When the ceremony and reception are held in different locations, there is often time in between in which guests are left to linger.
Couples that are deciding between religious wedding venues, often select the house of worship for either or both spouses. However, many religious couples do not regularly attend services and may have more difficulty in choosing between different religious wedding venues.  In some cases, couples may have take classes at the church they select and some churches may even require that the couple become church members in order to utilize the church for their wedding ceremony. 
If couples select from religious wedding venues, they are likely to utilize that churches elder as the the person who officiates over the ceremony. If however, couples are selecting form other wedding venues, they will have to hire their own person to officiate over the ceremony. In addition to that added cost, prices will very widely at each wedding venue. That cost will be determined by many factors including length of reception, the size of guest list and the formality of the venue. Many times, even outdoor weddings are very expensive. In addition, outdoor weddings often require a special permit which also costs money.
Selecting a wedding venue can be a very difficult and time consuming decision. The couple must consider many factors including size, price and type of location. Couples need to be sure that their wedding venue can accommodate the number of guests attending the wedding ceremony. Yet, couples also want to be sure that their wedding venue represents the formality they wish to have portrayed at their wedding.
For example, outdoor weddings are generally less formal than those held in houses of worship. Couples that have selected their wedding venue, must also be sure that it is available on the day they wish to be married. While it is one of the most difficult decisions, choosing between wedding venues, is also rewarding once couples have determined the location matches the feel they want for their wedding.



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