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Watch Out for These Types of Spousal Abuse

Watch Out for These Types of Spousal Abuse

The term spousal abuse refers to any form of maltreatment that occurs between an individual and their partner. Usually, this term is reserved to describe abuse within a marriage. Spousal abuse can occur in a variety of different forms. In can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse; each of these types of abuse can be extremely traumatic for the victim. 

In many cases of spousal abuse, the individual who is responsible for subjecting their partner to abuse may employ a variety of different methods of physical abuse. These techniques often include extensive violence, or the threat of violence. The perpetrator instills fear into their victim as a means of establishing and maintaining control. Spousal abuse may be utilized in order to convince an individual that they have no way to escape their current,  abusive environment.


Physical abuse occurs when an individual subjects their partner to various forms of physical violence an brutality. Physical abuse frequently manifests in the form of hitting, beating, biting, and pushing; it may also include choking, smothering, and burning. An individual who is suffering from physical violence may display visible indicators such as bruising, swelling, deep lacerations, burns, and broken bones. 

Physical violence if often utilized by the abuser of a method of establishing and maintaining control over their partner. It will cause a victim to fear for their safety and their well being. As long as a victim remains afraid, then the abuser holds the power within the relationship. The effects of physical abuse is often accompanied by a great deal of psychological damage. It is very easy for physical abuse to increase in severity, and this form of abuse may quickly become fatal. Therefore, it is essential that an individual who is suffering from abuse receive help. 


Sexual abuse is one form of severe domestic violence that is often overlooked. Many people maintain the common misconception that sexual abuse can not occur within a serious relationship or a marriage. However, this is entirely untrue, and sexual abuse is continuing to occur at alarming rates within intimate partner relationships. 

Sexual abuse occurs when an individual forces their partner to take part in sexual activity without consent. This may include unwanted groping and touching, as well as other forms of sexual harassment. An individual who is responsible for subjecting their partner to sexual abuse may use threats, coercion, or violence in order to force their spouse to take part in sexual activities. 

It is essential to remember that simply because an individual is in a relationship does not necessarily indicate that they desire to take part in sexual activities – it is a crime to force an individual to take part in behaviors to which they do not consent. 


Emotional abuse is often not regarded as a serious form of domestic abuse. However, for the individuals who are suffering from emotional abuse, this form of maltreatment is extremely serious and may be very severe. Emotional abuse does not result in the physical indicators that physical abuse or sexual abuse does; therefore, it may be very difficult to recognize that an individual is being abused by their partner – yet, there do indeed exist signs of emotional abuse. 

In many cases, the victim of the abuse does not even understand that they are suffering from a very adverse type of domestic abuse. Emotional abuse includes behaviors such as humiliation, belittling, deformation, and threatening. An individual who is suffering from this type of abuse may experience a great deal of psychological and emotional damage. 

Often, emotional abuse is utilized in order to undercut the worth of the victim and make them feel useless and invaluable. If a victim maintains low self esteem it will be much easier for the abuser to maintain control of the relationship.  

Financial and economic

People who have been introduced to the term domestic violence often gain an understanding of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse, but may have little or no knowledge of the detrimental effects of financial abuse. Financial abuse can occur in a variety of different ways. Most commonly, an individual who is responsible for subjecting their partner to financial or economic abuse will deny the victim access to financial funds. 

A victim of financial abuse may not be given money or credit cards in order to supply themselves with basic necessities. They may be required to receive permission from the abuser in order to make purchases. Financial abuse may cause an individual to feel that they are trapped in their situation with no hope of escape, which retains the potential to wreak havoc on a victim’s mental and physical health. 

The perpetrator may prohibit the victim from working; therefore the individual who is being subjected to economic abuse may not have the ability to support themselves. As a result, the victim may feel that they have to remain in their current environment.