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What are the Negatives of Cohabitation?

What are the Negatives of Cohabitation?

Couples that choose cohabitation before marriage, may experience many negative results as result of that decision. In fact, studies suggest that women’s mental health is adversely effected by cohabitation before marriagedivorcecohabitation agreementcohabitation Couples that enter into a non marital cohabitation agreement, can protect some property rights. In fact, agreements often protect both partners’ assets and property in the event of separation of the death of a partner. Non marital cohabitation agreements can also protect both partners from becoming responsible for the other partner’s debt. In addition, agreements can help to protect the rights of any children

Couples that choose cohabitation as an alternative to marriage, must consider each partners rights and responsibilities. In fact, couples should give serious consideration to a non marital cohabitation agreement. The agreements can help to protect couples in the event of a separation, either by splitting up or in the event that one partner dies. In the absence of an agreement, partners may find that they are not entitled to property and assets should a partner leave or die. In addition, couples that choose to separate may find that one partner is legally entitled to all property and assets because the law does not recognize the relationship.