Domestic Abuse Causes

Facts on Domestic Abuse Causes and Characteristics

Millions of individuals are subjected to physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse every year. In many cases, this domestic violence can result in severe physical injury and
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Does Domestic Violence Receive Institutional Reinforcement?

Domestic violence is often reinforced by some religious teachings, and may even be permitted and expected in various cultures. In some cases, religious organizations provide little assistance in preventing domestic
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Know the Learned Behavior of Domestic Violence

Much of the available domestic violence informationChildren of their parents' behavior. The domestic violence cycle is a brutal one; in many cases it is also extremely effective. Children who grow
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Don’t Learn Low Self Esteem!

Low self-esteem is often cited as a major causelearned behavior. Often, low self-esteem will stem from insecurities related to the individuals physical appearance. They may often maintain the mentality that
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Must Know Facts About Manipulative Abuser

Family Abuse often occurs because the abuser is extremely manipulative. An individual who is responsible for subjecting their loved ones
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Fixing the Environment To End Abuse

In order to stop domestic violence it is first essential to understand the causes of this harmful behavior. Domestic violence is oftentimes triggered by large quantities of stress or illnessdomestic
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