Domestic Violence Statistics

How Common is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence stats indicate that intimate partner abuse is much more frequent in the United States then most people believe that it is. Domestic violence prevalence is troubling and shocking.
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Is a Race and Ethnicity More Likely to be Violent?

Domestic violence and abuse do not discriminate based on race or ethnicity. An individual of any race and ethnicity is at risk for experiencing violence and brutality. However, domestic abuse
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Domestic Violence Among Elders

Domestic violence cases concerning elders are, sadly, much more prominent than most would likely expect. While many of the worst cases of injure or harm surrounding elders arise from neglect,
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Beware of Domestic Violence Repeat Offenders

In many cases, victims of intimate partner violence try to convince themselves that the domestic violence that they have experienced was a one time event, and that their partner will
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The Truth About Children Who See Domestic Violence

Family violence statistics indicate that intimate partners are not the only individuals who need to worry about being subjected to
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Domestic Violence and Concerns in the Workplace

Domestic violence statistics indicate that abused womeneffectsstudies on domestic violence have found that abused women also call out of work
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Watch Out for Physical Injuries in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence research indicates that domestic violence often results in extensive physical injuries to the victim. Domestic violence injuries range in severity and can include bruises, welts, and cuts. In
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