Copy of Marriage License Alaska

Copy of Marriage License Alaska

Copy of Marriage License Alaska

How to Get a Copy of a Marriage License in Alaska


Can I get a copy of a marriage license in Alaska?


This is, obviously, a crucial question given the subject, and the answer is surprisingly more complex than you might expect. You see, it is not really possible to give you a copy of a marriage license in Alaska, but only in the most technical sense. 


To understand why, first understand that the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate is rather vague. If you obtain a document before you’re married that says you’re allowed to be married, then that is a marriage license. This same document will also include your marriage certificate, which in other countries is sometimes a separate document. 


However, a marriage license won’t usually be referred to as a “marriage certificate” until after the week, when the spouses, authorities and witnesses sign it. It will then be notarized and made part of the public record. At this point, the so-called license doesn’t really give anyone the ability to do anything, so it loses most of it’s power as a “license,” so it’d be closer to call it a marriage certificate. When you make a copy of it years down the line, it has lost whatever license abilities it had earlier. Thus, trying to get a copy of a marriage license in Alaska is very rare; getting a copy of a marriage certificate is more common.


How do I get a copy of a marriage license in Alaska?


It is relatively simple to obtain a copy of a marriage license in Alaska, provided that it is for your own marriage. Just follow these simple steps.


1. Fill out the Marriage Certificate Request Form, featuring your name and payment information. Costs are $25 for a regular copy of a marriage license in Alaska, and $20 for the second regular copy. However, if you want a specially illustrated “heirloom certificate,” the cost is $60 for the first copy and $55 for the second. Print out the Request Form here:


2. Send the Form to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. There are offices available in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. You can give the form to the office in person, mail it, or fax it. However you chose, though, remember to include a copy of a photo I.D., such as a driver’s license.


3. Allow for two to three weeks processing time for a regular copy of a marriage license in Alaska. Heirloom copies can take twice as long.


Can I rush my copy of my marriage license in Alaska?


Yes, you can expedite the process so that a copy will be sent out within three working days after receipt. Requests must be faxed, and an $11 surcharge must be paid in addition to the regular cost. Call (907) 465-3618 to confirm the reception of the request form by fax.




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