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Marriage Certificate Nebraska


Requirements for Marriage Certificates in Nebraska 


Marriage Certificate: Nebraska


In order to validate a marriage certificate in Nebraska, a couple must follow a number of steps and make sure the marriage is valid under law.  This article will discuss steps two people should take to finalize their marriage certificate in Nebraska after obtaining a marriage license, but qualifying factors to legally marry need explained beforehand.  


Eligibility for Marriage Certificate in NE


In order to receive a marriage certificate in NE, two future spouses cannot try to enter into a marriage that is otherwise void by law.  Marriage certificates in Nebraska cannot be issued in any of the following circumstances: 


• the marriage between the parties was otherwise prohibited by law—such as consanguinity of all degrees

• marriage certificates in Nebraska cannot be issued if either party has a spouse at the time of marriage

• a marriage certificate in NE cannot occur if either party was mentally ill or a person with mental retardation at the time of marriage

• a marriage certificate in NE cannot be issued if there is evidence of force or fraud

• marriage certificates in Nebraska for minors cannot be issued without proper consent and affidavits from a parent or legal guardian


If the marriage is not otherwise prohibited by state law, the clerk will provide the parties with a marriage certificate in Nebraska along within a license.  


Solemnization Requirements for Authoring Marriage Certificates: Nebraska


According to §42-109 of the revised statutes, no particular form of ceremony is required for the signing of a marriage certificate in Nebraska.  The law states the only requirement is the ceremony must be held in front of a magistrate or minister, and there must be at least two witnesses for the marriage certificate in NE.   


Return Signed Marriage Certificate in Nebraska to County Clerk


A marriage certificate in Nebraska must be signed by the person who legally solemnized the marriage.  Also, the marriage certificate in NE must be returned to the county court within 15 days of the marriage certificate in Nebraska being signed.  


After the clerk has received the validated and completed marriage certificates in Nebraska, the county court will be the full custodian of records relating to the marriage between the two parties.  If any copies of the marriage certificates in Nebraska are needed in the future, a party should call or visit the county court in which they submitted the original certificate.  A listing of all county clerks for a marriage certificate in NE is located in the link


There are strict penalties for obtaining a marriage certificate in NE fraudulently.  If either party or the clerk has falsely placed information on an application, license, or marriage certificate in NE, they may face serious penalties.  Penalties for fraudulent information and signatures also apply to officiators.  


The state has strict penalties that will result in termination of the clerk or officiator’s position, and a person can be convicted of a misdemeanor for fraudulently signing or placing false information on the marriage certificates in Nebraska.  There are multiple fines for distributing marriage certificates in Nebraska through fraud as well.