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How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in Michigan



Marriage Certificates: Michigan



In order to receive a marriage certificate in Michigan, two people will have to meet a variety of qualifications, go through a number of steps to obtain and return the document, and make sure a marriage is solemnized in a certain amount of time.  You’ll find all necessary information about a marriage certificate in Michigan in this article.  



Qualifying Factors for Marriage Certificates in Michigan



In order for a marriage to hold validity under state law and receive a marriage certificate in Michigan, the marriage cannot be listed under any of the following violations:  



• the marriage was between minors without proper consent



• there was insanity or a party was physically incapacitated to consummate 



• the marriage was forced or a result of fraud



• there was bigamy involved



• the marriage was a same sex marriage 



• either party has a known sexually transmitted disease and didn’t notify the spouse 



• there is consanguinity involved 



• the marriage was solemnized illegally by an unqualified person



There are a number of steps you’ll have to take after you meet qualifying factors for marriage certificates in Michigan.  These steps are listed below:



Step 1: Contact the County Clerk



In order to receive marriage certificates in Michigan, couples must contact the county clerk and travel to the office with a valid government forms of identification, their birth certificates, and the correct amount of funds for associated fees that will range from county to county in Michigan.  A list of county court information is located at the following link.  



Step 2: Obtain Divorce Records if Necessary



If you have been divorced or widowed within the state of Michigan in the last six months, you will need to submit a divorce decree to the county court that indicates the divorce is official.  You’ll want to plan to receive the divorce forms as soon as possible so there is no chance the marriage certificate in Michigan will expire.    



Step 3: Make sure the marriage certificates in Michigan do not expire



The marriage certificate in Michigan will only be valid for 30 days, and you will have to wait at least three days to get married under MI law.  If the marriage ceremony has not occurred 30 days after the form was issued, you will have to apply for another marriage certificate in Michigan.  



Step 4: Make sure the marriage is solemnized by a certified individual



Marriage certificates in Michigan are only valid if witnessed by a legal authority under the Michigan Revised Statutes.  For information on who may legally solemnize marriages in Michigan, visit 551.7 of the Revised Statutes at the following link.  



Step 5: Return the Authorized Marriage Certificate in Michigan to your County Court



The person who solemnized the marriage will record their name on marriage certificates in Michigan, and the state will verify the person was legally allowed to solemnize the marriage  After the marriage certificate in Michigan is signed you will have to return the form to the court you received the document from.  



If you a state citizen, marriage certificates in Michigan are obtained from the county you live in.  If you are not a state citizen, you obtain the document from the county you wish to get married in.