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Marriage Certificate California

How to Obtain a Marriage Certificate in California 

Marriage Certificates: California

In order to receive marriage certificates in California, you’ll have to meet certain qualifications, go through a number of steps, and make sure you follow time requirements.  All of this information can be found in this article.  

Qualifying Factors for Marriage Certificate in California

According to California Family Codes 300 through 303, two people wishing to marry must meet various types of qualifications before the marriage ceremony can commence.   The qualifying factors for a marriage certificate in California are listed below: 

• Both parties choosing to marry must be at least 18 years old without the consent of a legal guardian 

• If the two parties are under the age of 18, they must have mutual consent from all legal guardians AND approval from the court

• There is no age requirement for a marriage with the consent of a parent, but the court will not allow the marriage if two parties are too young to make rational and mature decisions 

If you meet the qualifying factors listed above, you can apply for a marriage certificate in California.  The steps listed below will help you obtain a marriage license and make sure the form stays valid.  

Step 1: Contact the County Clerk

In order to receive marriage certificates in California, couples must contact the county recorder and travel to the office with a valid government form of identification and the correct amount of funds for associated fees.  Fee are reasonable within the state of California.  

Step 2: Obtain Divorce Records if Necessary

If you have been divorced within the last 90 days, you will need to submit a divorce decree to the county recorder that indicates the divorce is official.  You’ll want to plan to receive the divorce forms as soon as possible so there is no chance the marriage certificate in California may expire.  

Step 3: Make sure the marriage certificates in California do no expire

The marriage certificate will be valid for 90 days within the state of California, and if the marriage ceremony has not occurred 90 days after the form was issued, you will have to apply for another marriage certificate in California.  

Step 4: Make sure the marriage is witnessed by a certified individual

The state of California requires that certified parties perform the marriage ceremony.  There multiple rules for individuals within certain religions and tribes, and for a complete listing of qualifying parties, visit the following website

Step 5: Return the Authorized Marriage Certificate in California to your County Record

Make sure the witnesses and person who performed the marriage validate the certificate before you return the form to the county recorder.

How do I contact my County Recorder? 

In order to contact your county recorder for marriage certificates in California, you can use several different resources to bring you to the same contact information.  The easiest method you can use is following the link provided under the California Department of Public Health: 

The county recorders listed under this website can help you marriage certificates in California and variety of other forms.  Make sure you have all the required forms and information with you before you travel to the county recorder.  They will not accept an application without required information and/or fees.