3 Things You Must Know about Homosexual Marriage

3 Things You Must Know about Homosexual Marriage

3 Things You Must Know about Homosexual Marriage

Homosexual marriage – albeit a controversial topic of discussion – is legal in a number of locations both within the United States, as well as outside of it. Furthermore, there exist varying degrees of marriage-recognition depending on the state in which the same-sex couple resides.


Homosexual Marriage Laws in the United States

1.       Same-sex couples are permitted to be legally wed in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.


2.       Although homosexual marriages cannot be performed legally within California, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C., legal homosexual marriages performed in recognized states and countries are recognized as legal marriages by state legislature.


3.       Only homosexual marriages that were performed within the state of California between June of 2008 and November of 2008 are legally recognized by the state of California; any homosexual marriage performed subsequent to November 2008 is not recognized according to California’s homosexual marriage laws. 

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