Common Law Marriage

What are Common Law Marriages?

Common law marriages occur in the absence of a legal wedding ceremony, because the couple has lived together as man and wife for a number of years. Individuals must present
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Quick Facts on Marriage Laws

Marriage laws vary in each state. However, there are also federal marriage laws which have been enacted by some states. For example, some states have enacted the Defense of Marriage
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What are Some Illegal Marriages?

Illegal marriage can have implications for both parities. There may in fact be charges brought against individuals that take part in an illegal marriage. However, the implications vary base on
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Marrying Someone Who Is Already Married

In the United States, individuals may only be married to one person. Polygamy is illegal and individuals may be prosecuted, even when it is practiced in their religion. In fact,
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Read to Understand Common Law Marriage

Background:Common law marriage predates marriage granted through the use of a marriage license. In fact, the only difference in principle
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Idea of Common Law

The idea of common law marriagewedding ceremonyrestrictions
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