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The Official Stance of Religious Groups on Gay Marriage

The Official Stance of Religious Groups on Gay Marriage

In some cases, gay marriage and religion can clash. For example, The Islamic religion is opposed to same sex relationships in any form. In fact, some predominately Islamic countries, punish homosexuality with the death penalty. In contrast, many members of Wicca, the Jewish faith, and Christianity, are supporters of gay marriage rights. However, church leaders, are generally opposed to gay marriage rights and they continue to preach against homosexuality. Within any religion, there will be disagreement on the debate about gay marriage and religion. In fact, many church members disagree with the opinion of church leaders.

The Catholic Church states that marriage is a sacred institution, with the purpose of creating children. The church finds great conflict between gay marriage and religion. In fact, the Catholic church has pushed for an all out legal ban on gay marriage. Many Christian denominations renounce same sex marriage. In fact, churches claim that homosexuality is a sin against God. In addition, clergy has been kicked out of churches for taking part in same sex marriage ceremonies.Surprisingly, however, some predominately Catholic countries have legalized gay marriage. 

For example, Mexico is predominately Catholic and now legally recognizes gay marriage rights. In contrast,the Jewish faith has generally been accepting of the LGBT community and gay marriage rights. While Conservative Jewish congregations tend to be against gay marriage rights, others are supporters of a happy union between gay marriage and religion. In fact, Jewish congregations have the right to either accept and perform same sex marriages, or abstain from them. 

The Jewish reform movement has made significant progress toward equal rights for the LGBT community. Congregations are granted the freedom to make their own decisions regarding gay marriage rights and can act according to their personal beliefs. Conversely, The Islamic religion strictly forbids any type of homosexual behavior and offers no recognition for same sex relationships. In fact, there are strict rules against same sex relationships. However, many scholars claim that Islamic history is full of same sex relationships. Perhaps, the church has simply decided that it is no longer acceptable.

The ideas of gay marriage and religion, can often conflict. Most religions offer an official stance on same sex marriage. However, congregations have been known to against the wishes of church leaders. In addition, many church members are in disagreement with the church leaders. Many sociologists claim that church memberships will continue to decline until churches become more accepting of all individuals. In fact, many members that chose to leave a church, do so because of teachings on subject like homosexuality and other controversial issues. In fact, liberal churches have seen an increase in membership whereas, conservative memberships have held study or declined.