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Do I Need A Family Law Attorney

Do I Need A Family Law Attorney

Family law is a specific area of law that deals with exactly that, families.  The practice of family law envelopes a number of issues including divorce, annulment, separation agreements, child custody, child support, matrimonial property division, estate planning, wills and trusts and numerous other matters.  As with any other specific area of the law which an individual might need to go to court, it is highly recommended that one seek a respected and experienced FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY to deal with the matter.

One would need a family law attorney for numerous reasons.  Family rights and family disputes are often one of the most important issues in someone’s life and for that reason it is not recommended to use “novice” techniques.
Of all the legal disputes that arise on a daily basis in the United States, issues of family law are the most likely to be represented by Pro Se litigants.  These are individuals who represent themselves in court.  As the adage goes, “he who represents himself has a fool for a client.”
Probably more so than with any other aspects of the law, the decisions that are finalized through family court are long lasting and have a great impact on the individual.  A divorce proceeding that is handled poorly can leave a person without the alimony needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a detrimental affect decades into the future.  Consistent with this is the process of child custody rights.  Someone who is ill equipped to handle the matter may find that they have been granted minimal custody or visitation rights that can lead a parent to be estranged from his or her child.
One of the most important reasons to hire a family law attorney is because of the emotional toll that a family law situation will take upon a litigant.  When dealing with a divorce, child custody, wills and estates it is very easy for a litigant to get emotionally entangled in a situation.  As with anything else one has to separate business from personal life and when the “counsel” is also the litigant it can lead to mixed, and often, illogical reasoning that results in an unfavorable result.
Family Law is one of the areas of the law, in the United States, that often has its own special court.  This is known as Family Court.  In many States, Family Court can share jurisdiction over specific legal matters with other courts of the same jurisdiction.  It is important to know, and another reason why one would want a family law attorney, that these courts often have their own rules as far as filing, making motions, and other procedural issues.  It is best to consult an attorney who is familiar with both the substantive and procedural issues associated with family law.