Democratic Platform on Gay Marriage

In general, Democrats are more supportive of legalizing gay marriage than Republicans are. However, those that offer support for gay marriage are not always just democrats. Yet, the recent legalization
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How Does the Church Feel About Gay Marriage

The gay marriage issue used to be clearly answered by opposition from religious leaders. In fact, churches were very outspoken in their opposition to gay marriage rights in the past.
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Big Reform Movements You Should Know

Many liberal church members, in all religions, have been outspoken supporters of gay rights. Movements within churches, have been aiming for a wider acceptance of LGBT rights. In fact, some
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The Official Stance of Religious Groups on Gay Marriage

In some cases, gay marriage and religion can clash. For example, The Islamic religion is opposed to same sex relationships in any form. In fact, some predominately Islamic countries, punish
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The Republican Platform On Gay Marriage

In some cases, republicans argue against gay marriage, but that is occurring with less frequency. In general, republicans are conservative and tend to take stances against gay rights and other
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