Effects of Domestic Violence

Watch Out for a Strained Relationships with Others

Domestic violence is more widespread than most realize; millions of individuals are subjected to intimate partner abusebattered persons syndromesigns of domestic violencephysical violence. These injuries will vary a great deal
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Chronic Depression, Pain, and Anxiety

Research had indicated that domestic violence victimsadverse effects of of the abuseStudies on domestic abuseextremely stressful environments in which they must constantly remain alert and aware of their abuser's mood
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An Overview of the Effects of Domestic Violence

One of the most common effects of domestic violence and abuse is depression. Victims of domestic violence are often humiliated and degraded on a daily basis. Their abusers undermine their
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Health Problems, Eating Disorders, and Malnutrition

Domestic violence may have extremely detrimental effects on a victim's physicalvictimanxietydomestic abuse studies have indicated that domestic violence survivors are more likely to suffer from eating disorders, such as anorexia
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Drug and Alcohol Dependence With Domestic Violence

Research indicates that the use of alcohol and domestic violence often occur simultaneously. Domestic violence treatment programs report that many of the victims who are receiving help overcoming the adverse
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