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The Cost and Forms of Marriage

The Cost and Forms of Marriage

license information varies from state to state. In general, only basic personal
information is required to apply for a marriage license. Information includes
such facts as legal name, address and age. In general, the forms required are
very simple and straightforward. 

Each state may have specific requirements for marriage
license information, that are unique to their forms. In fact, some states
require differing proof of facts that are contained within the marriage license
application. In addition, each state will have differing marriage license costs. 

Marriage license information can be found either at the couples local
courthouse or on each state’s website. Couples should become fully aware of all
necessary documentation and the marriage license cost.

Most states require a simple form for couples wishing to apply for a marriage
license.  Marriage license information includes basic information for both
intended spouses and their parents. For each spouse, they will be required to
provide proof of their identity, such as a birth certificate and drivers license. 
In addition, they are required to provide proof of legal termination of any
previous marriages. 

In some cases, that proof is a death certificate and in
others, a divorce decree. Couples will also need to provide proof of address
for both intended spouses. That proof can include utility bills, mortgages and
leases. Couples will also need to provide their social security numbers and are
generally required o provide a social security card as proof.  In any
case, couples will easily be able to obtain all proof required. 

However, it is
advantageous for couples to find out what will be required before they go to
the courthouse. In some cases, couples may have to wait for birth certificates
and other documentation, because they do not have a copy. It can take awhile
for couples to get their proof. Next, couples also need to be aware that it is
necessary to have basic information on both spouse’s parents. That information
is generally rather simple. 

Marriage license information for intended spouses
includes, parents legal names and social security numbers. Finally, couples
should access the marriage license cost and be aware that they will likely be
required to pay in cash. Generally, marriage license costs are fairly low. In
fact, most marriage licenses cost less than fifty dollars and that price
includes a copy of the couples marriage certificate.

Couples that have advanced knowledge of the requirements for a marriage
license, will find the process much easier. In addition, couples that are well
prepared, will also find that they are less stressed by the process. Couples
can obtain all necessary paperwork and proceed to the courthouse will
confidence that they are well prepared. 

Those couples are not likely to
encounter any difficulties. Lastly, couples should become aware of their
state’s waiting period in between obtaining the license and when they are
allowed to have their ceremony. Generally, licenses expire fairly shortly after
they are granted. In general, they are only good for a few months. Couples can
find all of this information readily available on their state’s website.