Marriage Certificate Wisconsin

Marriage Certificate Wisconsin

Marriage Certificate Wisconsin



How to File for a Marriage Certificate in Wisconsin



Above all things concerning a marriage (or a wedding), the last thing anyone would ever want to worry about in is how to file for a marriage certificate in WI.



Thankfully, just being in the know about the law will help guide you through that process.



Steps to Take to File for That Marriage Certificate in WI



It’s a requirement by law for marriage certificates in Wisconsin to show up at your county courthouse, the county where the actual marriage (the wedding) will commence. You’ll need to bring all of this documentation to obtain the marriage certificate in WI:



1. Valid ID for Both You and Spouse


2. Social Security Numbers


3. Birth Certificates


4. Processing Fee



On the Subject of Valid IDs for Marriage Certificates in Wisconsin….



When it comes to applying for a marriage certificate in Wisconsin, you not only have to fill out that application in full, but you need three forms of valid ID. One form must be:



1. Wisconsin Driver’s License


2. Wisconsin State ID


3. Government-Issued ID With Photo



The two other forms to get that marriage certificate in WI could be:


1. Out-of-State Driver’s License


2. Checkbook or Bankbook


3. Your Property Lease With Your Name on It


4. A Bill With Your Name on It


5. A Traffic Ticket With Your Name on It



The Importance of SSNs for Marriage Certificates in Wisconsin



Be sure to have them when obtaining marriage certificates in Wisconsin. Have the actual cards. It makes the record keeper’s job a lot easier when filing the public document and making your marriage certificate in WI official.



It’s basically proof that you exist and that you’re indeed married to the other individual.



Birth Certificates for Marriage Certificates in Wisconsin



This seals the deal and alleviates confusion when concerning name changes and whatnot. Whatever the legal name is on the birth certificate will prove you are who you say you are and what the application says.



That further stamps the seal onto the application for a marriage certificate in Wisconsin.






It can vary from county to county, but expect to pay an average of $80 for your marriage certificate in Wisconsin – and do it in cash. Because the courthouse may not accept checks or credit cards.



Once You’ve Applied, Then What?



By law of the state in regards to a marriage certificate in Wisconsin, you must actually wait a period of six days before actually entering into marriage. The certificate will not be applicable and may not be recognized by an officiant or ordained minister until it’s signed and sealed with the date as well as the signatures of witnesses.



Obviously this means you must plan ahead with a wedding and be sure to have that marriage certificate all taken care of at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.



Many neglect to see that legal aspect of marriage and fail to realize that in essence this is a contract by law in the state and must be seen as such.






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