Marriage Certificate Connecticut

Marriage Certificate Connecticut

Marriage Certificate Connecticut


Guide to Getting a Marriage Certificate in Connecticut


Whether you're getting married and need your first marriage certificate in CT or need a duplicate copy for your records, it can be hard to know where to look.  This guide will help you obtain a marriage certificate in Connecticut, even if you just need a record for historical or geneological research.  It is substantially easier to obtain a marriage certificate in CT than in some other states, because the state maintains all marriage records with the Department of Vital Records.


Who Can Get a Marriage Certificate in Connecticut?


Every marriage certificate in CT is considered a public record and is available for public access.  Anyone over the age of 18 may order a copy of any marriage certificate in Connecticut.  This makes it much easier to do research than in states that only allow marriage records to be released to certain people (usually attorneys and relatives of the couple, as well as the couple themselves).


In order to be eligible for an initial marriage certificate in CT, you and your spouse will both need to be 18 years old or older.  Minors may obtain a marriage certificate in Connecticut with permission of their parents if they are 16 or older, but only with the permission of a judge if they are under 16.


Getting an Initial Marriage Certificate in CT


In order to obtain your initial marriage certificate in Connecticut, you and your future spouse need to appear in person at the vital records office for the municipality where you plan to have your wedding ceremony.  You will need to provide satisfactory photo identification in order to obtain your marriage certificate in CT, but the state no longer requires a blood test for sexually transmitted infections in order to marry.


You will also need to fill out an application for your marriage certificate in Connecticut.  You will only be able to hold your wedding ceremony after your certificate has been approved by your vital records office and your identification has been checked.


Getting a Duplicate Marriage Certificate in Connecticut


If you want to change your name on your identification documents or just want a copy of a marriage certificate in CT for your own records, you may request a certified copy from the state's Vital Records Department.  You may also request a copy of a marriage certificate in Connecticut from the city or town where you had your wedding ceremony.  


Your request for a marriage certificate in CT may take six weeks to fulfill if you order by mail, but for an extra fee, expedited processing is available.  You may order over the phone or even on internet by using  This is also your only option for ordering a marriage certificate in Connecticut if you want to order using a credit or debit card.  You will be assessed an additional transaction fee for using this service.


Getting a Marriage Certificate in Connecticut for Research


The process for getting a marriage certificate in CT is the same whether you are ordering it for yourself or for research purposes.  You can still obtain any marriage certificate in Connecticut by making a request with the vital records office at the state level or in the town where the marriage took place.




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