Domestic Violence Laws

What Can the Law Do About Interstate Stalking

When the Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994, it provided the federal government with the ability to investigate certain cases of domestic violence, as well as to prosecute
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Know the Domestic Violence Laws With an Attorney

Individuals who are involved in a domestic violence case may choose to enlist the assistance of a domestic violence attorney. Domestic violence lawyers are attorneys who specialize in family law.
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Do Victims of Domestic Violence Have Rights?

When an individual is being subjected to domestic violence and abuse, their right to a happy and healthy life is being stolen from them. An individual has the right not
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The Harm of Guns and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against women is extremely detrimental to the health and the well being of the victim. Intimate partner abuse may not only cause the victim to sustain severe physical
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The Violence Against Women Act

Domestic violence against women is a very severe problem throughout the United States. Throughout most of history, it has been the responsibility of state governments to respond to cases of
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