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Protect Yourself with a Restraining Order

Protect Yourself with a Restraining Order

An individual who is being subjected to physical violence, psychological abuse, sexual assault, harassment or stalking may choose to file for a restraining order. Restraining orders are used in order to provide victims of domestic violence with protection from their abuser. It is a court order that outlines the behavior that an abuser may not take part in. When a restraining order is authorized, the offender may not be allowed to continue having contact with the victim. This may include face to face contact, as well as communication through e-mails or the telephone. 

The perpetrator may also be required to remain a certain distance away from designated locations. These locations will usually include the victims home or office. A judge has the ability to enact any form of protection that they feel is necessary to keep the victim safe. If an offender disregards any of the conditions that are outlined in the restraining order, then they may be charged with breaching the restraining order. This often occurs when a perpetrator tries to contact a victim by e-mail or telephone, as well as through friends and family. If an offender violates the terms of the protective order, the petitioner should contact their local law enforcement agency immediately. 

Breaching the conditions of a restraining order may have extremely adverse legal consequences for the perpetrator. However, there are some factors that may affect the authority of a court issued protective order. An individual who feels that they are in danger may obtain information about getting a restraining order from a variety of different sources. the local law enforcement agency should be able to provide an individual with information about receiving a protective order. 

The process of obtaining a restraining order may vary from state to state. However, parts of this procedure will remain the same no matter what state the petitioner is located in. Obtaining a restraining order may be extremely beneficial for the health and safety of a victim of domestic violence.