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Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. In today's society, marriages are becoming less and less likely to last a lifetime. In fact, a large percentage of marriages end in divorce. While no couple wants to plan for divorce, it is best that couples prepare themselves for the possibility. In addition, discussions about prenuptial agreements help couples to better understand each other.
First, these discussions can help couples to get a better grasp of their partners intentions. In addition, couples can learn what individual expectations are regarding marriage. In addition, one partner may want seven kids while the other does not want any. Surprisingly, many couples fail to have these discussions before they get married.
Also, many partners base their marriage expectations on what they witnessed with their parents and other close relationships. By discussing these relationships, couples can also learn what they have seen work and what has been disastrous. In essence, these discussions can bring couples much closer together.
Prenuptial agreements can dictate financial and household responsibility's throughout the marriage. Many couples fail to think of this aspect of a prenuptial agreement. In fact, this portion of the agreement can be the most important. 
By clearly defining roles, agreements can avoid conflict later in the marriage. By knowing what their partner expects, individuals will be more likely to thrive and appreciate everything that their spouse does. Sometimes, spouses forget the amount of responsibility imposed on  their partner. 
By writing the agreement, spouses are more likely to appreciate each other for all that they do to keep the marriage going. Prenuptial agreements are also an effective estate planning tool. In the absence of a will, agreements can dictate some portions of estate planning.
For instance, it can assure that a spouse's individual property is left to a child, rather than used to pay of a debt of the other spouse. In addition, prenuptial agreements are utilized during divorces. In this case, the agreements help the couple to avoid lengthy and expensive court battles.
Prenuptial agreements can protect individual and joint assets in several circumstances. For this reason, couples should be sure that their agreement is legal and likely to be upheld by the courts. 
A lot of planning and documentation goes into prenuptial agreements and couples should have an attorney review their agreement to be sure that the planning is productive and upheld by the courts when it matters.

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The Implication of a Prenuptial Agreement Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:01:07 +0000
Some couples may have difficulty approaching the subject of prenups. Many people wrongly assume that a conversation about prenups, will defeat the purpose of the marriage. However, it is actually likely to increase each spouses confidence in the other spouses intentions. Prenups can protect individuals from entering a marriage in which one spouse is trying to gain financial security by marrying the other spouse. 
In some ways, a prenup is an insurance policy for any individual that is entering into a marriage. By having the contract in place ahead of time, spouses are better prepared to know what to expect from each other. A prenup can give each spouse some peace of mind. In addition, writing a prenup together can open the lines of communication and bring couples closer by becoming more aware of how each spouse views the other's responsibility in marriage.
In some cases, couples cannot enter into a prenup due to religious beliefs. For example, the Catholic church states that a marriage is not valid if there is a prenuptial agreement. The church believes that a prenup is a preparation for divorce and the Catholic church does not believe in divorce. 
Therefore, any couple that has a prenup, is unable to be married in the eyes of the church. Therefore, many Catholic couples will not enter into a prenup agreement. However, some Catholic couples may enter into a postnuptial agreement in order to assure that their marriage is valid in the eyes of the church.
Prenups can be an upsetting subject because some people believe that it means they are planning for divorce. In reality, couples are not planning for divorce, but simply protecting their individual interests should a divorce occur. However, realistically many marriages do end in divorce. Prenups are meant to protect the interests of both spouses and should never be geared to protecting just one spouses interests. 
Should a prenup be geared toward protecting one spouses interests, the courts are likely to over rule the contract. This is another example of the necessity of having an attorney examine the document before it is signed. The point of a prenup is to have protections in place in the event of a divorce. If a judge finds that the document is invalid, neither spouse may have protection for their interests during the divorce. In essence, it is vital to do everything to assure that the document will not be invalidated by the courts.
Like any contract, prenups allow spouses to know what they can expect and what is expected of them, in the event of a divorce. These contracts can help couples to better understand each others intentions during marriage and in the unfortunate event of divorce.
If an attorney reviews the contract to ensure its legality, couples will feel more confident in their relationship. Writing the contract will help couples learn more about each other and to be prepared for any eventuality in the relationship.

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What You Must Know About Prenuptial Agreements Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:01:07 +0000
A Prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that protects both spouses in the event of separation or divorce. These agreements are made before marriage so that the interests of both spouses are protected should the marriage end. Many people wrongly assume that prenuptial agreements are only for the very wealthy. Prenuptial agreements are a contract for any couple that gets married, regardless of their current financial situation. Couples should remember that their financial and living situation may change quickly. 
Although both spouses may enter the marriage with certain assets, those assets can fluctuate greatly over the length of a marriage.These legally binding contracts can protect the financial and property interests of either spouse. Prenuptial agreements can even cover which spouse would be responsible for certain debts incurred before and during the marriage.
In addition, a prenuptial agreement can cover spousal support issues such as compensation for stay at home moms. However, a judge can over rules issues of alimony should the judge find that the amount is unfair or unrealistic for either party.
These legally binding contracts are usually upheld by the courts. However, there are some things that prenuptial agreements are not allowed to cover. In the event that a prenuptial agreement contains anything illegal, the contract will be invalidated. 
In addition, the contract may be void if it is found that either party signed it under duress. The courts will want to be assured that both parties willing signed and understood the contract. There are some things that prenuptial agreements cannot cover. 
For example, custody and visitation rights do not belong in the contract. In addition, issues related to the raising of children, such as religion, cannot be covered. Anything that is illegal must also be left out of the contract. In many cases, items that should not be covered, that are included in the prenuptial agreement, can nullify the entire contract. The best way for couples to avoid this, is to have the contract prepared by an attorney specializing in prenuptial agreements in their state of residence.
Because so many marriages end in divorce, prenuptial agreements have become a way for spouses to protect themselves. However, many prenuptial agreements contain a clause that negates the agreement should the marriage last a certain length of time. 
In that case, the couple would have to come to a new agreement. By having a prenuptial agreement in place before marriage, both spouses can be assured that they are protected in the event of divorce. While marriage is a union of love, it is also a union of finances. 
A prenuptial agreement assures individuals that everything they have worked for, before and during the marriage, will be protected. In addition, if either spouse should stay at home to raise the children, their financial welfare would be protected by the prenuptial agreement. 
In essence, a prenuptial agreement protects both spouses in the event of separation or divorce. Both spouses should carefully consider their needs realistically and assess the contract as if divorce is a possibility.

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