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Intimate partner violence is a very serious problem in the United States. There are many organizations that have dedicated a great deal of resources to increasing public awareness about domestic violence and spousal abuse.

Each domestic violence organization that is involved in the Domestic Violence Awareness Project has a history of establishing education and prevention programs. These programs seek to increase public awareness about the causes, the effects, the frequency, and the severity of intimate partner abuse. In the future, each of these domestic violence organizations will continue to create and support campaigns that are aimed at increasing knowledge about intimate partner abuse.
Although these organizations have united in order to help combat domestic abuse, they all maintain separate initiatives to assist victims of domestic violence and educate people about the necessity of establishing effective methods of prevention. The Domestic Violence Awareness project primarily focuses on creating events and activities for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Project will continue to organize these events in the years to come. The organizations that are involved understand the importance of continued support for domestic violence victims and domestic violence awareness.

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Future of the Domestic Violence Awareness Project Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:00:46 +0000
Each domestic violence organization that is associated with the Domestic Violence Awareness Project is continuing to develop programs and events to help raise awareness about intimate partner abuse. These organizations are dedicated to developing effective techniques to prevent domestic violence. the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence lists a calendar of events that describes the activities that are taking place around the country. This calendar is updated regularly and a new calendar is created annually. They provide individuals with access to this information in order ensure that individuals around the globe are aware of the actions that are being taken in order to prevent domestic violence. Some examples of the activities that an individual might find listed on the Coalition's calendar of events include conferences, awareness weeks, and training programs. 

For example, the calendar informs individuals that National Crime Victims Rights Week is being observed in Washington D.C. in the middle of April. During the designated dates of observance, people can attend a candle light ceremony in order to honor the memories of individuals who have been killed due to violence, and an awards ceremony. The Family Violence Prevention Fund will continue it's efforts to prevent domestic violence. This domestic violence organization will continue to offer programs to victims of intimate partner abuse, as well as to individuals who want to learn about the facts of domestic violence. They will continue to offer victims of violence and abuse with judicial assistance. 

This help may include assistance in the courtroom, as well as advice and counsel outside of the courtroom. Because intimate partner abuse is a health issue, this domestic violence organization seeks to improve health care response, and have health care providers confront and prevent domestic violence. The will continue to push this initiative in the future. The Family Violence Prevention Fund will also continue to recognize and address the unique challenges that immigrants face by advocating new and more effective protection legislation. They have also developed education programs in order to teach female immigrants about their rights. This domestic violence organization has taken huge steps to prevent domestic violence, and they will continue to do so in the years to come.

The Domestic Violence Project's primary focus is organizing events for the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which will occurs in October annually. These activities occur across the country in order to increase public knowledge and implore people to help prevent domestic violence. One of the activities that will take place in Washington D.C. during the month of October is Purple Thursday Awareness Day. During this day, Individuals throughout the state and across the country will wear the color purple in order to help raise awareness about intimate partner abuse. 

In Miami, Florida, a few days have been designated to purple ribbon displays that will be erected throughout the county. The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month calendar of events can be found online at the Project's website, or by contacting the Domestic Violence Awareness Project. Each domestic violence organization is doing its part to help prevent domestic violence, and they will continue their mission in the future.

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The Domestic Violence Awareness Project Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:00:46 +0000


The Domestic Violence Awareness Project is a coalition against domestic violence. It was established in 1995 in order to develop new and effective methods of providing support to domestic violenceDomestic Violence Awareness MonthNational Domestic Violence Hotline          


This coalition against domestic violence recognizes that partnership and cooperation are essential to providing victims of domestic violence with hope and protection. The Domestic Violence Awareness Project advocates equality and respect in intimate relationships. This domestic violence coalition focuses a great deal of energy on gathering and distributing information related to violence and brutality, as well as abuse prevention. They have developed numerous campaigns in order to increase awareness about the tragic effects of intimate partner abuse. 


These campaigns have been created with the hope that they will raise public knowledge about domestic violence in communities and states throughout the country. One of the most popular campaigns that this domestic violence coalition implemented was the purple ribbon campaign. They encourage individuals to display or to wear a purple ribbon in order to show their support for abuse prevention, as well as to honor the memories of the individuals who have been killed due to intimate partner abuse.


This coalition against domestic violence supported the Empty Place at the Table campaign, which was developed after a series of intimate partner murders in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. The community and the Women's Resource Center displayed place settings for each victim, which included objects that belonged to the victims, photographs, and news articles related to the murders. This exhibit ensures that these victims are not forgotten, and that their stories educate individuals throughout the country about the irreversible effects of domestic violence         


This domestic violence coalition helped to support the Silent Witness Initiative, which was was originally created by a group of female artists in Minnesota. This group of women were deeply troubled by the increasing number of fatalities due to domestic violence. They felt that they had to do something to increase public awareness about this horrific epidemic. They constructed red, life size, wooden female figures which each displayed the name of a women who was killed due to brutality from an intimate partner. 


The coalition against domestic violence assisted in turning this into a national initiative, and today each of the fifty states displays silent witnesses. In its short history, this domestic violence coalition has taken a great deal of initiative to increase public awareness about violence and abuse, and to develop effective methods of prevention.


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