Civil Unions

The Origins Of Civil Union Laws

How's this for a history of civil union laws: a study from the 2007 Journal of Modern History reports that scientists have allegedly found documents and grave sites which provide
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Click Here If You’re Against Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

While there was once a time when the arguments against gay marriage and same-sex civil unions were one in the same, since marriage was considered to be a civil union
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Click Here if You Support Civil Unions and Gay Marriage

With only six states across the U.S. currently legally recognizing  gay marriages, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont and countless others instating laws prohibiting gay
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Best Information on Civil Unions

Although there is no nationally standardized law for a civil union, since the exact implications and level of benefits of civil union laws differ from country to country and from
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Do Domestic Partnerships Have Rights and Benefits?

The benefits granted to those in civil unions, in support of gay marriage rights, vary from state to state. Generally
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Brief Descriptions of States’ Civil Unions and Gay Rights

Same-sex marriages (under state marriage law) are currently only performed in the states of Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Iowa,
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International Measures Supporting Gay Marriage

On a global scale, the first move to create a state-recognized law supporting gay marriage took place in Denmark, on
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The Legal Rights of Civil Unions and Gay Marriages

Much like every state has its own distinct driving, property, and family laws (among many others), each one is likewise permitted to have individual laws pertaining to gay marriage, same-sex
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